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Re: Origin 200

To: Brian <>
Subject: Re: Origin 200
From: Ralf Baechle <>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 03:13:31 +0200
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On Sun, Sep 16, 2001 at 10:19:22AM -0500, Brian wrote:

> Its the rackmount version..............I will search for some
> benchmarks to see how this system ranks compared to some
> PIII and other systems.
> Are there any graphics options available for these, or just console?
> I realize the origin is more of a "server", used for serving files
> and web pages, than a workstation.

What's the difference anyway.  Origin 2000 with graphics option was sold
as Onyx 2; the basic architecture of both is identical.  SGI just never
built the planned graphics option for the Origin 200 which is why the
machine still comes with the keyboard and mouse connectors on the
backside which I'm not even sure of if any software is supportign them
at all.


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