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No low memory for PCMCIA?

Subject: No low memory for PCMCIA?
From: Jim Paris <>
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 02:18:52 -0400
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I'm (still) working on getting Linux running on my Mobilon Tripad (aka
Vadem Clio).  I'm running linux-vr hacked up to 2.4.5-ish, and I'm
currently trying to get PCMCIA working (built into the kernel; not a
module, since I need to access the compactflash card as root and
building pcmcia as a module turns off both PCMCIA ports at boot time).

My current problem: it sees the controller (VG-469), sees the card,
finds an IO port.. but can't map it anywhere.  The PCMCIA is basically
on an ISA bus, so I believe the card needs to be mapped to low memory
(under a meg), but the system memory takes up the first 16 megs,
leaving none:

> -more /proc/iomem
<< /proc/iomem >>
00000000-00ffffff : System RAM
  00100000-0023de17 : Kernel code
  0024f280-00260fff : Kernel data

(I had moved the kernel's starting address for this kernel; the
default for my platform is start the kernel at 00002000)

On x86, this problem doesn't exist because there's a hole in the
system memory map between 640k and 1MB, so the PCMCIA driver would
probe and find something like 0c0000-0cffff or 0d0000-0dffff to be
clean, whereas those segments are quite unavailable on the Clio.

One possible (untested) solution would be to simply remove a section
of RAM from the memory map, which would effectively duplicate the x86
memory hole and allow the card to be mapped there.  Would this work?
It seems a bit strange that I would have to give up some physical
memory for PCMCIA.

Oh, and if I modify the PCMCIA driver so it probes memory above 16M,
it succeeds and marks them as clean, but the card refuses to map to
anything over a meg; again, probably because it's ISA and ISA is
limited to that.

thanks in advance,

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