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Load address of the application is not right.

To: <>
Subject: Load address of the application is not right.
From: "Steven Liu" <>
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 18:34:08 -0700
Thread-index: AcE1qtpx0+a1YXvkQtu6m+bBMTfe8w==
Thread-topic: Load address of the application is not right.
Hi, All:

I have built the linux kernel and the glibc for my R3000 CPU. Because
the /sbin/init could not be lunched, I wrote the following program to
replace the init program:


#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

    char s[20];

After built it, I got the following by using objdump:

liu:     file format elf32-bigmips

Disassembly of section .text:

00000000004000c0 <main>:
  4000c0:       3c1c0fc2        lui     $gp,0xfc2
  4000c4:       279c8090        addiu   $gp,$gp,-32624
  4000c8:       0399e021        addu    $gp,$gp,$t9
  4000cc:       27bdffc0        addiu   $sp,$sp,-64
  4000d0:       afbc0010        sw      $gp,16($sp)
  4000d4:       afbf0038        sw      $ra,56($sp)
  4000d8:       afbe0034        sw      $s8,52($sp)
  4000dc:       afbc0030        sw      $gp,48($sp)
  4000e0:       03a0f021        move    $s8,$sp
  4000e4:       27c40018        addiu   $a0,$s8,24
  4000e8:       8f858018        lw      $a1,-32744($gp)      <========
failed here ! 
  4000ec:       00000000        nop
  4000f0:       24a500b0        addiu   $a1,$a1,176
  4000f4:       8f99802c        lw      $t9,-32724($gp)
  4000f8:       00000000        nop
  4000fc:       0320f809        jalr    $t9
  400100:       00000000        nop
  400104:       8fdc0010        lw      $gp,16($s8)
  400108:       03c0e821        move    $sp,$s8
  40010c:       8fbf0038        lw      $ra,56($sp)
  400110:       8fbe0034        lw      $s8,52($sp)
  400114:       03e00008        jr      $ra
  400118:       27bd0040        addiu   $sp,$sp,64
  40011c:       00000000        nop

0000000000400120 <strcpy>:
  400120:       3c1c0fc2        lui     $gp,0xfc2
  400124:       279c8030        addiu   $gp,$gp,-32720
  400128:       0399e021        addu    $gp,$gp,$t9
  40012c:       00851023        subu    $v0,$a0,$a1
  400130:       2446ffff        addiu   $a2,$v0,-1
  400134:       90a30000        lbu     $v1,0($a1)
  400138:       24a50001        addiu   $a1,$a1,1
  40013c:       00a61021        addu    $v0,$a1,$a2
  400140:       a0430000        sb      $v1,0($v0)
  400144:       00031e00        sll     $v1,$v1,0x18
  400148:       1460fffa        bnez    $v1,400134 <strcpy+14>
  40014c:       00801021        move    $v0,$a0
  400150:       03e00008        jr      $ra

Here is the screen output:

Here 15: retval=0


in handle_mm_fault()

In do_no_page: calling nopage()

In filemap_nopage()

In do_no_page: called nopage()

calling: update_mmu_cache()


called: update_mmu_cache()


Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 0fc100a8, epc
== 004000e8
Oops: 0000

$0 : 00000000 1000fc00 00000000 00000000 7fffff68 00000000 00000000
$8 : 0000fc00 00000010 00000000 00001fe7 80257970 00000001 1000fc01
$16: 80241598 8020d7a4 80241570 801081c0 00000000 00000000 00000000
$24: 0000000a 00000000                   0fc18090 7fffff50 7fffff50
epc  : 004000e8

Status: 0000fc00

Cause : 00000008

Process init (pid: 1, stackpage=83ff8000)

Stack: 00000fd4 00000fd5 00000fd6 00000fd7 0fc18090 00000fd9 00000fda
00000fdc 00000fdd 00000fde 00000fdf 0fc18090 800938c0 00000000 00000fe3

00000001 7fffffda 00000000 7fffffdd 7fffffde 00000000 00000010 00000000

00000000 00000000 00000fee 00000fef 00000ff0 00000ff1 00000ff2 00000ff3

00000ff4 00000ff5 00000ff6 00000ff7 00000ff8 00000ff9 00000ffa 00000ffb

00000ffc ...                             
CaCode: afbc0030  03a0f021  27c40018 <8f858018> 00000000  24a500b0
8f99802c  00000000

As we know, $gp is managed by the OS. My question is who assign value to
register t9 (i.e. $25) and where? Why $gp was given 0xfc2 and
then added by  -32624 ? Because $gp and $t9 gave a wrong address
0fc100a8, the CPU give a page fault and the OS said that the address is
GROWDOWN and faild to continue.  

I think it related to my glibc but I do not know the exact place. 

If you had this kind problem before, please share your knowlage with me.


Steven Liu

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