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Signal 11 on Process Termination

To: "''" <>
Subject: Signal 11 on Process Termination
From: Phil Thompson <>
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 16:52:12 +0100
I have a propietary board running a copy of HJ's RedHat 7.1. I've recently
updated from 2.4.5 and old style timer and interrupt code to the latest CVS
(2.4.8) and new style timer and interrupt code.

With the new kernel I'm often seeing processes core dumping with signal 11,
but only under specific conditions. The process that dies is the parent or
grandparent of a "busy" process - something like a compilation. It seems to
die as the "busy" process terminates. Two specific examples...

cron dies after running updatedb, but doesn't dump core. init also dies, and
does dump core. It dies "in select() at soinit.c:56".

make dies after running a shell script that does lots of compilation (it's
actually building lmbench) "in wait4() at soinit.c:56".

I assume the reference to "soinit.c:56" is bogus.

If this is a generic problem then somebody else would have raised it by now.

In which case it's my new timer or interrupt code - but I can't come up with
an explaination of how changes in that area would cause the problem I am

Any suggestions gratefully received.


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