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latest au1000 updates

Subject: latest au1000 updates
From: Pete Popov <>
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 16:07:15 -0700
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I pushed the latest au1000 code. I had to add a new vec0 handler for the au1000 in head.S, much like the other vec0 ones. I also checked in the vr41xx patch. Jun indicated that he and/or Ralf reworked some of the 41xx so the 41xx will probably have to be updated again, but at least the kernel compiles.

To compile the code right at this moment, you need to make this local change in kernel/Makefile:

[ppopov@zeus linux-dev]$ diff ../stock/kernel/Makefile  kernel/Makefile
< obj-y     = sched.o dma.o fork.o exec_domain.o panic.o printk.o \
> obj-y     = sched.o fork.o exec_domain.o panic.o printk.o \
> ifndef CONFIG_MIPS_AU1000
> obj-y       += dma.o
> endif

and, this local change in drivers/net/Space.c:

diff ../stock/drivers/net/Space.c drivers/net/Space.c
> extern int gt96100_probe(struct net_device *);
> extern int au1000_probe(struct net_device *dev);
> #endif
> #ifdef CONFIG_MIPS_GT96100ETH
>    {gt96100_probe, 0},
> #endif
> #ifdef CONFIG_MIPS_AU1000_ENET
>    {au1000_probe, 0},

The Space.c patch really needs to go to Alan. I'll see if he'll take it. The kernel/Makefile patch probably needs to be reworked so that we don't have to touch kernel/Makefile.

I tested the kernel and it seems to work fine, so I think I got everything. However, I haven't tested the fb driver, pcmcia, usb, etc, etc with this kernel. Also, note that if anyone needs usb on this board or any other au1000 board, we'll need to send a local usb patch for non-pci devices. Steve already had most of his work accepted in the usb tree, but the non-pci patch wasn't accepted because the usb code is going through some reorg right now. So, without this usb patch which is only in the MontaVista tree at the moment, usb is not usable on this board.

There are Au1000 customers showing up all over the place, so having the latest code in sourceforge is a good thing. Now I have to find the time to create a patch against the oss tree...


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