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Re: R10K I2 Solid Impact

Subject: Re: R10K I2 Solid Impact
From: Thiemo Seufer <>
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 02:48:33 +0200
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Mike McDonald wrote:
>   I just got a R10K I2 Solid Impact that I'm going to attempt to play
> with linux on.

At least my I2 R10K's Firmware doesn't boot anything else than
ELF64 Kernels loaded at 0x8000000020002000. I'm currently developing
a mips64-linux in 64bit address space due to this. I'd like to know
how your machine behaves WRT this.

> But first I need to find some more basic info. Does
> anyone know where the connectors are documented? In particular, the
> video connectors on the Solid Impact.

What I've figured out via google is this pinout:

13W3-SGI | DB15-VGA | 13W3-SUN
A1      ---    1   ---  A1
A1-GND  ---    6   ---  A1-GND
A2      ---    2   ---  A2
A2-GND  ---    7   ---  A2-GND
A3      ---    3   ---  A3
A3-GND  ---    8   ---  A3-GND
3-CSYNC ---        ---  5
4-HSYNC ---   13   --- 
5-VSYNC ---   14   --- 
        ---   10   --- 10

The Impact normally uses HSYNC/VSYNC but can be set to CSYNC mode.

> The SGI search engine just tells
> be they don't refurbish Indigos anymore. The serial port pinouts would
> be useful too. (Wasn't it 'man serial' once I get it running?)

The pinout for a cross cable can be found in the I2 Howto.


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