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Re: ksymoops changes for mips

Subject: Re: ksymoops changes for mips
From: Thiemo Seufer <>
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 12:07:22 +0200
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Keith Owens wrote:
> Resend, no response.

I tried to send you something via PM, but your email address
gave errors.

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   > >I am updating ksymoops now and need some information.  Could somebody
   > >tell me what this produces on mips?
   > >
   > ># objdump -h ksymoops | head -8
   > ># objdump -h mips64-lsb-vmlinux | head -8
   > ># objdump -h mips64-msb-vmlinux | head -8
   > >
   > >where mips64-[lm]sb-vmlinux are kernels compiled for 64 bit with LSB
   > >and MSB.
   > Sorry, that should have been objdump -x, not objdump -h, I need the
   > architecture type as well as the file format.
   What I have is not the "official" CVS kernel but a patched version,
   along with a patched toolchain. It already uses elf64-tradbigmips
   instead of elf64-bigmips and has a different start address as it
   is loaded in 64bit address space. I haven't cared about little
   endian yet (no such hardware).
   So it's just for reference for now, possibly it helps.
   mips64-msb-vmlinux:     file format elf64-tradbigmips
   architecture: mips:8000, flags 0x00000112:
   start address 0xa8000000201b4000
   Program Header:

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