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Re: Mips Cobalt cube distro

To: James Simmons <>
Subject: Re: Mips Cobalt cube distro
From: Caleb Shay <>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 14:07:51 -0700
References: <>
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Ummm, what README?
All I see is this.

base-contents.txt <> 31-Jul-2001 13:40 5k base.tar.bz2 <> 31-Jul-2001 13:40 19.0M vmlinux.gz <> 31-Jul-2001 13:40 824k

James Simmons wrote:


  We just have created a debian distro from the latest packages using a
2.4.5 kernel for tthe MIPS cobalt cube. You can grab the image from

Just read the README and have fun.

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