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To: "" <>
From: Fuxin Zhang <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 21:48:20 +0800
    I am porting support of Algorithmics P6032 evalution board from
2.2 kernel to 2.4. I started with the kernel 2.4.3 from hardhat2.0 
distribution.Now I am able to boot the kernel but it hangs up when
trying to exec /sbin/init.The error message is something like:
   Init: Kernel panic: trying to kill init
   Init:error loading, undefined symbol _sec0

But if i let the kernel execute /bin/ash.static directly,it can give me
a shell while complaining something like" no tty found,job control disabled". 
Then I can use most commands such as ls,passwd,cat.So the can't be a corrupted one.

  The test environment is:
       Algorithmics P6032 with a idt79RC64474 CPU
       IDE hard disk(IBM Deskstar 40M,7200rpm)
  Kernel options:
       pci,ide(with/without dma,multimode) enabled
       serial console enabled

  What can be the cause?

  I suspect the ide driver first.But disabling dma doesn't help and it
seems to work quite well under ash.

  I am investigating the cause,if you want,I can provide more 


            Fuxin Zhang

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