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Re: weird printf problem

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Subject: Re: weird printf problem
From: "kjlin" <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 10:23:22 +0800
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My kernel version is 2.4.1 and the processor is an MIPS R4000 style embedded processor.
I ues the serial port as my console.
I found that the reason why the printf message will not be completely outputed is the process of my testing program will not be selected again by the schedular after outputing some message.
Its "state" is TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE but the return value of signal_pending(prev) is zero.
Therefore, it is deleted from running queue in schedul() and never wake up.
asmlinkage void schedule(void)

         switch (prev->state) {
                 case TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE:
                         if (signal_pending(prev)) {
                                 prev->state = TASK_RUNNING;
                         del_from_runqueue(prev);       (<---- Be deleted here!)
                 case TASK_RUNNING:
I am not familiar with the machanism of tty_write().
Can any body tell me where should be chceked over?
My serial driver is modified based on drivers/char/serial.c
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From: kjlin
Sent: Friday, July 20, 2001 10:49 AM
Subject: weird printf problem

Hi all,
I ported linux to my embeded board and encountered a weird "printf" problem.
The library i used is uClibc.
I made the kernel to run a testing program directly after boot up.
In my case, less "printf" work well but more will fail.
Here is my testing program:
    int i=0;
                printf("Hello World=%d\n",i);
The output message will die at "Hello World=10" or "Hello World=168" or "Hello World=76" ........
Every times the message dies at different place but it will never successfully be outputed "200" times.
However, if the condition is changed to "while(i<100)", then everything is fine.
It is so weird!!
Why too much "printf" will cause the program to die?
Is it the problem of uClibc or kernel?
Does the compiler for my testing program concern this weird problem?
Can anybody give me some hints?
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