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mips64 linker bug?

Subject: mips64 linker bug?
From: Lars Munch Christensen <>
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 11:27:15 +0200
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Hi All

I think I have found a linker bug!

I use the following cross compilers from sgi's ftp:


Anyway the bug is that static functions get linked wrongly.
Test program:
/* This function has to be here to get the error */
int test1(void) {
        return 1;

static int test2(void) { /* <---- notice this static */
        return 2;

int main() {

        return 1;


Compile and link with:

mips64-linux-gcc -mcpu=r4600 -mabi=64 -mips3 -g -c -O2  -o main.o main.c
mips64-linux-ld -m elf64btsmip  -nostdlib -e main main.o -o main.elf

Now I see the bug where main calls test2:

Doing a 'mips64-linux-objdump -S test.elf' gives me:

main.elf:     file format elf64-bigmips

Disassembly of section .text:

00000000100000f0 <test1>:
        return 1;
    100000f0:   03e00008        jr      $ra
    100000f4:   24020001        li      $v0,1

00000000100000f8 <test2>:

static int test2(void) {
        return 2;
    100000f8:   03e00008        jr      $ra
    100000fc:   24020002        li      $v0,2

0000000010000100 <main>:

int main() {
    10000100:   67bdfff0        0x67bdfff0
    10000104:   ffbf0000        0xffbf0000

0000000010000108 <$LM6>:

    10000108:   0c000044        jal     10000110 <$LM7> <-- 110 ????????????
    1000010c:   00000000        nop

0000000010000110 <$LM7>:
        return 1;
    10000110:   dfbf0000        0xdfbf0000
    10000114:   24020001        li      $v0,1
    10000118:   03e00008        jr      $ra
    1000011c:   67bd0010        0x67bd0010

When removing the static I get the correct address 100000f8 ?!?

Am I missing something. Please help me, I have spend 3 days
chasing this bug, until I figures out it was related to 
static functions.

btw why isn't everything disassembled?

Lars Munch

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