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hard hat linux 2.0

Subject: hard hat linux 2.0
From: Pete Popov <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 12:03:24 -0700
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Looks like was updated last night to include the mips journeyman edition. The images of interest would be{je-d1-hhl2.0.cdimage, je-src-hhl2.0.cdimage}. They are rather large so it takes a while to download them.

In addition to the userland packages, there is an up to date cross toolchain which can build the kernel as well as useland apps. There is also a native toolchain. The toolchain is 2.95.3 based; glibc is 2.2.3. Since there was some perl interest recently, perl is included. Rebuilding any of the userland packages, for those interested in doing that, is pretty trivial (cross based building!).

This is an embedded linux distribution so it's not as large as a RedHat desktop system. For embedded work though, I think it's more than sufficient. One note, to anyone trying it. A number of binaries are linked with pthreads, so you'll need either the new sysmips fix that Ralf is working on, when he completes it, or the patch from Florian. Otherwise binaries like ls, tar, and many others will seg fault.


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