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Re: Updates on RedHat 7.1/mips

Subject: Re: Updates on RedHat 7.1/mips
From: Seth Mos <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 22:53:22 +0200 (CEST)
Cc: "H . J . Lu" <>
In-reply-to: <>
I am having trouble getting the mipsel packages installed using the
installer provided for 7.1.

I have hooked up a second disk to my i386 workstatition that will house
the filesystem for my mipsel box. Once everything is installed I will put
this disk back in my Qube2 for testing. In the worst case scenario I will
need to boot with the 2.0 kernel that came with the cube.

I have the original disk for the Qube2 so it isn't a big problem if it
takes 50 attempts. I have a lot of patience ;-)

Am I correct to assume that I need to use the install.i386.hd on my
workstation to install the mipsel packages on the second harddrive (hdd in
my case)

I have tried this approach using both the Makefile approach and by running
the install.i386.hd script.

Traceback (innermost, last):
  File "./findrpm", line 5, in ?
    import rpm
ImportError: No module named rpm

Does this ring any bells?
The mipsel packages are located in the RPMS directory which is in the same
directory as the installer and I edited the Makefile and changed ROOT and

I wonder if anyone can provide a basic root tarbal which I can use to set
up the basics after which i can start adding stuff.

If I get it into a decent state I will probably make a dump of the fs so
other people with a Qube (1 or 2) can easily clone it.

I was working to use a 2.4 kernel on a standard Qube but
that was a big problem since 2.4 does not compile with the compiler that
came with it and the glibc did not have large file support.

A fs that I would like to put on the Qube is XFS which I already use on my
own i386 home machines and production machines at work.
Since XFS is also tested on mip64 Irix (IIRC) ai64 PPC ai32 and alpha
under linux I expect that it will probably more work but it is more
resilient and faster recovering after crashes.

So if anyone can give advice on installing using the toolkit or provide a
bootable dump image or root tarbal I would be most grateful.
The qube2 comes with a boot loader that understands ext2 and loads the
linux kernel it finds on the system it will probably make it easier to
boot afterwards.


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