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DHCP problem

To: <>
Subject: DHCP problem
From: "jeff_lee" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 14:57:41 +0800
Cc: "CIH" <>, Jalen 楊東戍 <>
Organization: hardware
Hi all, I got some question about the DHCP. We have a mipsel machine and running HomeRF wireless module on it. The CPU is Vr4121, HomeRF bus is ISA-like bus. Now the module can work fine with fixed-ip. We want to get the IP when system boot-up. We had tried two way: cross compiler the pump and dhclient applications, but when we execute the pump, it show the "operation failed". When we execute dhclient, it show "segment fault" ....... I don't know what's going on .Can someone tell me what's going on ?? Or where can I get the binary code for pump and dhclient ??
Thanks and best regs,
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