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Can't open root device

To: "" <>
Subject: Can't open root device
From: Ian Thompson <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 17:13:21 -0700
Organization: Palmchip Corporation

I'm having some issues trying to open a ROM fs via initrd.  It seems
like kind of a paradox: mount_root() calls blkdev_get(), which calls
rd_open().  In blkdev_get(), the comments mention that the block device
->open() method is not supposed to access anthing in the 'inode'
argument except ->i_rdev.  However, rd_open() checks inode->i_bdev when
->i_rdev isn't INITRD_MINOR (->i_rdev is set to bd_dev in blkdev_get). 
Currently my minor number is 0 (major is 1).  Am I using the correct
major/minor numbers?  Should I use INITRD_MINOR instead of 0?  If I am
ok with 0, it appears that there is an inconsistency in the code...

Also, is there another driver I should try using instead of the ramdisk
driver?  uClinux has a blkmem driver, but I haven't seen that here...

Thanks for your time,

Ian Thompson           tel: 408.952.2023
Firmware Engineer      fax: 408.570.0910
Palmchip Corporation
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