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How to trigger a binary to excute in Linux/MIPS?

To: <>
Subject: How to trigger a binary to excute in Linux/MIPS?
From: "kjlin" <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 10:23:04 +0800
To execute a program, the load_elf_binary() loads it and descdes the value of elf_entry, start_code, start_data....etc..
Then , the start_thread(regs, elf_entry, bprm->p) will trigger it.
But it just sets up the value of regs->cp0_status, regs->cp0_epc, regs->regs[29] and current->thread.current_ds.
Why can the start_thread() trigger a program?
Here is my situation :
The kernel boots up and mounts the filesystem, when it tries to
execute /sbin/hello i don't see any output.
(Ps: /sbin/hello is a simple testing program to replace the real /sbin/init.
        It just outputs some console message.)
I looked at the memory and the code for hello is present at "elf_entry",
so why does the start_thread not execute it ??
Any help would be really appreciated.

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