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Re: new comer question

To: "Keith M Wesolowski" <>
Subject: Re: new comer question
From: "julien" <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 17:58:16 +0200
Cc: <>
References: <>

thanx for your fast answer ;-))

> On Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 04:47:42PM +0200, julien wrote:
> > I'm following this list's discussions since many months, and I
> > to get linux running on my Indy box (R4400, Newport gfx)... To do
so, I
> > followed standard installation instructions and used the hardhat5.1
> > archive located at ...  I
set up
> > the tftp / bootp / nfs root  on a FreeBSD box as we don't have any
> > here, but this shouldn't be a problem, should it ?
> Of course not.  You can use any system as the server.  When you say
> "standard installation instructions" what does that mean exactly?
> More importantly, which kernel did you use and where did it come from?

by "standard installation instructions" I mean I followed instructions
given in the file
The kernel I'm using is the one included in the archive at ... I
know it's a very old one (2.0x ?), but I didn't find any recent compiled
kernel for IP22. Do I need to checkout the current kernel and cross
compile it ?

> > $0 : <some hexdump>                        <-- do you need these
> It depends.  If this kernel is a newish 2.4 kernel or current CVS 2.2,
> then yes, the dumps are needed to solve the problem.  If this is an
> old or ancient kernel you might want to send the dumps anyway but most
> people will ignore you.

Can I try a 2.4 kernel without having to compile it myself ? If yes, do
you have any link where I could find it ? If no, I guess I will have to
set up cross compilation stuff...

Thanx very much for your time

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