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dcache_blast() bug?

Subject: dcache_blast() bug?
From: Ian Thompson <>
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2001 10:34:48 -0700
Organization: Palmchip Corporation
Hi all,

I'm seeing some odd memory behavior around the time when blast_dcache()
is called, leading me to think that the method may be a little buggy. 
It appears that memory is being corrupted (consistently so) over the
course of flushing the dcache.  This happens to my command line argument
string - arcs_cmdline.  Before the blast_dcache() call, it is
"console=ttyS0 ramdisk_start=0x9fcf0000 load_ramdisk=1", and after the
call, the corrupted data is "ttyS0 ra0".  I take it this isn't supposed
to happen?  any ideas of why the writeback_invalidate_d cache operation
may be losing data?


Ian Thompson           tel: 408.952.2023
Firmware Engineer      fax: 408.570.0910
Palmchip Corporation

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