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mips64, _end, tools, and relocations

Subject: mips64, _end, tools, and relocations
From: Justin Carlson <>
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 17:25:13 -0700
Organization: Sibyte
Taking a walk on the mips64 side of the world, I'm compiling
with the i386-linux=>mips64-linux cross tools from the rpms

Looking at the build process, we build at kseg0, then objcopy
and relocate to xkphys space as the last step in the build.  I assume
this is to work around the known elf64 compilation issues, and
seems fine in theory.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to quite work for me.  Looking
at bootmem_init() in arch/mips64/mm/init.c, __pa(&_end) is
optimized down to a literal load during compilation:

a800000000113a2c:       3c0280aa        lui     $v0,0x80aa
a800000000113a30:       64427b18        daddiu  $v0,$v0,31512
a800000000113a34:       0040202d        move    $a0,$v0
a800000000113a38:       3c035800        lui     $v1,0x5800
a800000000113a3c:       0003183c        dsll32  $v1,$v1,0x0
a800000000113a40:       34630fff        ori     $v1,$v1,0xfff
a800000000113a44:       0043102d        daddu   $v0,$v0,$v1

This is the result of having &_end be in kseg0, but __pa assuming
that it's in xkphys.  Also, at this point, the relocation is gone.  So
when I objcopy, I'm left with the strange address from hell being
passed in to bootmem_init().

This, of course, makes the kernel very unhappy.  

I could fix this instance any number of ways, but that doesn't seem
to be a solution for the general problem...I'm sure this same kind of thing is
going to bite me in a couple dozen other places.

I assume other people are successfully building mips64 kernels with those
tools; does anyone have any hints as to how to fix this?



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