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Re: Where to start with a R4000 Indigo

Subject: Re: Where to start with a R4000 Indigo
From: mjpento <>
Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 15:39:24 -0400
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Hi Peter,

I am in the same boat as you essentially, only I am a little worse off. I own 2 Indigo R3000's and would love to see a port of Linux or NetBSD or something of that nature done for the machine, but alas, I fear that if I don't start one on my architecture there may never be a port to the R3000. There is some hope for you. I believe someone on this list told me a while back that a port is being developed by someone to the R4000 Indigo, someone here might be able to shed some more light on that for you as I have no idea who is doing that. There is also the Plan 9 effort, which is an OS that is/was being developed by AT&T that supports the R4000 and maybe even the R3000. You may be able to get information about the architecture of the Indigo from this code. I have been unsuccessful in this respect, but, maybe you will have better luck than I. Here are some Plan 9 links to get you started:

As far as getting information from SGI, I wouldn't bother with that, as anyone else in here would agree. The chances of them giving you any information are slim to none. The expense of having someone at SGI pull documentation for the Indigo (if it even still exists) is too high. So, architecture information and specifications are very hard to come by. I am thinking about *attempting* to start a port of some linux distribution to the R3000, but I have to admit, the task seems a bit daunting. On other platforms, this is difficult with the proper documentation. You may also want to take a look at the Linux/MIPS page and check out the Indy port, which is the only functional Linux port to the SGI platform that I am aware of. I hope that some of this information will help you out. Remember to try the MIPS website also as there may be some useful bits of data there that will shed some light for you.



I recently acquired a R4000 50MHz Indigo without an IRIX install nor CD
with it. No CD-Rom player either, however I did order one, network however
does seem to work. And as I am a linux fanatic and professional programmer
myself I would like to see whether I could help a bit with bringing linux to
this system.

As Indigo support isn't finished and I have nothing but a bare BIOS
to start with; and have no experience with the machine to begin with;
I have to ask for _help_ :)

Where do I start reading and tinkering to get linux; for as far as it's
sort of running; on my system ?

Are there any specs for the machine, especially for those parts that need
most urgent development and which parts are that ?

kind regards,
        Peter Zijlstra

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