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Re: MIPS 5Kc

To: Tim Nguyen <>
Subject: Re: MIPS 5Kc
From: Michael Shmulevich <>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 12:00:38 +0300
Organization: Jungo LTD
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Tim Nguyen wrote:

Hello all,

Does anybody have any comments concerning the Alta board with a MIPS 5Kc running Linux. I hear that Linux modules aren't fully supported in their reference 2.2.12 kernel. Are there any other known issues with that kernel -- how about the 2.4.1 kernel? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Tim Nguyen


The kernel 2.2.12 form mips' ftp site has no modules support at all. The problem may be coming from the binutils bugs that were used to create the kernel image, which is 2.8.1 which reportedly (at least from our company) do not produce usable 'insmod'. It is not 5Kc - related stuff, we have several boards with such processors (including Malta and Atlas) and all of them exibited module problems with "old" toolchain (binutils 2.8.1 - egcs 1.0.3a - glibc 2.0.6).

Newer kernel 2.4.x is also available from mips' ftp site, but we haven't checked it out yet.

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