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tcp networking problem.

Subject: tcp networking problem.
From: "Alexandr V. Rostovtsev" <>
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 19:22:02 +0400
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 I've encountered strange problem with tcp networkin under
my linux MIPS bsp port.
I use kernel 2.4.3 from SGI CVS.
My kernel is distinct from CVS kernel in some pices
1) board memory resides at range (0x1f000000-0x1fffffff)
2) and exception handlers so
3) board comunicates with outer word enviroment throug PCI
4) board uses IDT 79RC64V474 CPU (which reported MIPS 3 comp.)

 Kernel boots and initialized sucsesfuly, configures ethernet
interface using BOOTP, mounts root on NFS, opens console and executes
simple init task.

init runs test application which use tcp protocol... There
trubles begins :( all tcp connections nither accepted nor connected
(kernel produces strange tcp packets), while
icmp/udp/arp/ip(fragments)/NFS worked perfectly.

I shure that somebody encouterd problems like this,
and can share some bits of advise or info with me.

Best regards for all.

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