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2.4.4-pre5 drivers/sgi/char/Makefile

Subject: 2.4.4-pre5 drivers/sgi/char/Makefile
From: Keith Owens <>
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 08:58:32 +1000
I am trying to make sense of drivers/sgi/char/Makefile in 2.4.4-pre5.

export-objs     := newport.o shmiq.o sgicons.o usema.o
obj-y           := newport.o shmiq.o sgicons.o usema.o streamable.o

obj-$(CONFIG_SGI_SERIAL)        += sgiserial.o
obj-$(CONFIG_SGI_DS1286)        += ds1286.o
obj-$(CONFIG_SGI_NEWPORT_GFX)   += graphics.o rrm.o

None of newport.o shmiq.o sgicons.o usema.o export any symbols so why
are they defined as export-objs?  The only object that does export
symbols is graphics_syms.c and no Makefile refers to that source, it
appears to be dead.

I recommend removing all export-objs from drivers/sgi/char/Makefile and
deleting drivers/sgi/char/graphics_syms.c.

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