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_save_fp_context corrupts kernel sp

To: "''" <>
Subject: _save_fp_context corrupts kernel sp
From: Tommy Christensen <>
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 15:44:58 +0200
Hi all,
this bug was triggered by the 'crashme' program, which deliberately does
various bad things.

The problem occurs when _save_fp_context cannot write to the user stack.
Since the fixup
routine for this lacks a nop at the end, the following "random"
instruction is executed (in
my case it adjusted the stack pointer, which is pretty lethal).

The patch below corrects this.

Tommy S. Christensen, Eicon Networks

--- r4k_fpu.S.orig      Sun Dec 10 08:56:02 2000
+++ r4k_fpu.S   Mon Apr  9 10:55:27 2001
@@ -94,6 +94,7 @@
         ctc1   t0,fcr31
+       .set    reorder
        .type   fault@function
        .ent    fault
 fault: li      v0, -EFAULT

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