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RE: Dumb Question on Cross-Development

To: "Joe deBlaquiere" <>, "Florian Lohoff" <>
Subject: RE: Dumb Question on Cross-Development
From: "Jay Carlson" <>
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 11:17:39 -0400
Cc: "Kevin D. Kissell" <>, "MIPS/Linux List \(SGI\)" <>
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> Perfect it is not, but it's not nearly _that_ bad either. I would
> say 40% of the RPMs I've tried will configure out of the box for
> a cross build. Another 40% or so require a few "export
> ac_cv_sizeof_long=4" kind of settings to configure for a cross
> build. The remaining 20% are painful.

Yeah, and it's not so bad once you start building up a file you
can reuse across builds.  I got this idea from the debian dpkg-cross
package.  For people who aren't debian-y, the idea is that you set
CONFIG_SITE to point at a file like and run
configure as normal.  (I don't think I like that particular file but it
should give you ideas.)

BTW dpkg-cross comes with a tool that does ldd via grepping through objdump


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