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Re: Dumb Question on Cross-Development

To: "Kevin D. Kissell" <>
Subject: Re: Dumb Question on Cross-Development
From: Thiemo Seufer <>
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 23:56:19 +0200
Cc: Ralf Baechle <>, "MIPS/Linux List (SGI)" <>
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Kevin D. Kissell wrote:
>> Which looks like you don't have a glibc package installed.
>That's correct.  Because I have the strong suspicion that
>RH 7.0 PC rpm is too stupid to put it somewhere useful, and
>is far more likely to clobber my native i686 libc unless I give
>it the correct incantations.   Hence my question.  And
>of course, if it ends up somewhere other than /usr/lib,
>presumably I need to tweak mips-linux-gcc to know
>where it is.  I'm sure that's documented somewhere,
>too, but it would save me several hours if someone had
>a description of how to install the full cross environment
>on a Linux PC.

There's even a script by Keith Weselowski to do that, see e.g. 

>There is no visible link to it on the page - then again
>there's no visible link to from the page,
>so at least things are consistent.  ;-)  It used to be accessible from the
>FAQ that used to be at, but that document
>has be deleted, leaving no forwarding address.  The pointers on Brad
>LaRonde's site is even older (remember has a good link page (if it isn't down).


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