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Re: Dumb Question on Cross-Development

To: "Ralf Baechle" <>
Subject: Re: Dumb Question on Cross-Development
From: "Kevin D. Kissell" <>
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 21:20:44 +0200
Cc: "MIPS/Linux List \(SGI\)" <>
References: <00a901c0bb6f$d3e77820$0deca8c0@Ulysses> <>
> > I've historically done all of my MIPS/Linux development
> > native, on Indies, P-5064's, Atlas, and Malta.  But now
> > that we seem to be in a situation where the latest,
> > greatest, and most correct compilers are x86 cross-dev
> > only.
> There is nothing that keeps you from building those compiler as native
> compilers also.  Usually I only crosscompile kernels and do all other
> work native.

"Let them eat cake".  My Athlon is an order of magnitude
faster than my 4Kc, and several times faster than my
Algor/R5260.  It also has much more memory and a
CD-RW unit for backup, unlike my MIPS boxes.  As
MIPS/Linux becomes more an embedded platform
and less an SGI/DEC legacy platform, people are in
general not going to put up with being forced to buy
old Indy's to do their target application work!

> > I've cut over to building kernels on my Athlon box.
> > I'd like to start building apps and benchmarks (not
> > necessarily from srpm's).  Plainly, I need a set of
> > libraries (naive attempts at cross-compilation of
> > user code with the egcs 1.1.2 compiler results in
> > complaints about the missing crt1.o), and possibly
> > some variant include files.
> Which looks like you don't have a glibc package installed.

That's correct.  Because I have the strong suspicion that
RH 7.0 PC rpm is too stupid to put it somewhere useful, and
is far more likely to clobber my native i686 libc unless I give
it the correct incantations.   Hence my question.  And
of course, if it ends up somewhere other than /usr/lib,
presumably I need to tweak mips-linux-gcc to know
where it is.  I'm sure that's documented somewhere,
too, but it would save me several hours if someone had
a description of how to install the full cross environment
on a Linux PC.

> > Are these packaged somewhere, and is there an FAQ/HowTo on how
> > to set them up?
> Guess I should occasionally roll an uptodate crosscompiler package ...

If not you, someone certainly needs to.

> > This may have been handled in Ralf's HowTo, but that seems to have
> > disappeared from the web.
>  Where are you looking?

There is no visible link to it on the page - then again
there's no visible link to from the page,
so at least things are consistent.  ;-)  It used to be accessible from the
FAQ that used to be at, but that document
has be deleted, leaving no forwarding address.  The pointers on Brad
LaRonde's site is even older (remember

> It's still
> on the web and is also being distributed as part of the LDP project.
> the HOWTO even seems to ship with a number of Intel distributions, at
> Conectiva 6.0 and Redhat 6.2 seem to include it, even though fairly old
> versions.

That's great.  Now, why can't there be a pointer to it on one of the
pages accessible to someone dropping into


            Kevin K.

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