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Bug in the _save_fp_context.

Subject: Bug in the _save_fp_context.
From: Carsten Langgaard <>
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 15:07:15 +0100
I think there is a bug in the _save_fp_context function in

The problem is the following piece of code:

 jr ra
 .set nomacro
 EX(sw t0,SC_FPC_EIR(a0))
 .set macro

First of all what should the ".set nomacro" do?
If it means that the EX macro shouldn't be used then this entry wouldn't
get into __ex_table, which would be wrong.
But it look like it uses the macro anyway, regardless of the ".set
nomacro", at least with the compiler I use.
Never the less we do not handle entries in the __ex_table which is
located in a branch delay.
So we need to handle the situation where we take a page fault on an
instruction which is located in a brach delay slot, or we don't put the
"potential" faulting instruction in a delay slot.

Any ideas, how we should handle this in a nice and clean way?


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