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Re: Compile error with current CVS kernel

To: Karel van Houten <>
Subject: Re: Compile error with current CVS kernel
From: Pete Popov <>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 13:15:19 -0800
Cc: Ralf Baechle <>, Adrian Bunk <>,, Daniel Jacobowitz <>
Organization: Monta Vista Software
References: <>
Karel van Houten wrote:
> While I wrote my previous mail:
> {standard input}: Assembler messages:
> {standard input}:1993: Error: expression too complex
> {standard input}:1993: Fatal error: internal Error, line 1823, 
> ./config/tc-mips.c
> make[3]: *** [vgacon.o] Error 1
> Again.... :-(

We encountered this exact problem a few days ago. One of our engineers
tracked it down to the combination of complex macros and inline
functions in arch/mips/io.h.  He pinpointed precisely the problem to a
rare gcc "bug", which is not likely to get fixed anytime soon. I believe
a patch was already submitted to Ralf, but it will have to get tested.


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