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Question concerning Assembler error

Subject: Question concerning Assembler error
From: Jeff Harrell <>
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001 09:20:15 -0700
I am getting a strange error from the assembler that I am not quite sure what to make of it.  Here
is the  Error and code snippet:
mipsel-linux-gcc -D_ASSEMBLER_ -mcpu=r4600 -mips2 -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -G -0 -mno-abicalls -fno-pic -pipe -mlong-calls -Wimplicit -c avreset.S
avreset.S: Assembler messages:
avreset.S:262: Error: Rest of line ignored. First ignored character is `0'.
avreset.S:1006: Error: Rest of line ignored. First ignored character is `0'.
gmake: *** [avreset.o] Error 1
gmake: Target `all' not remade because of errors.

And here is the code that seems to be causing the problem:

   /* Interrupt : For now we simply disable interrupts and return */
        MFC0(   k0, C0_STATUS)
        srl     k0, 1
        sll     k0, 1
        MTC0(   k0, C0_STATUS)
        .set    mips3
==>  eret   <==
        .set    mips2

Any information that anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Harrell

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