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Re: mips-tfile

To: Steven Liu <>
Subject: Re: mips-tfile
From: Keith M Wesolowski <>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001 20:55:16 -0800
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On Mon, Mar 05, 2001 at 04:49:28AM -0800, Steven Liu wrote:

> I am working on cross-compiler for mips R3000 on Linux now and meet a problem 
> in egcs.
> My host system is i386 with Rad Hat 7.0 installed.
> First, I successfully built and installed binutils-2.8.1 by using 
> binutils-2.8.1.tar.gz and egcs-mips-linux-1.1.2-2.i386.rpm. This created 
> bin, lib, mips-linux subdirectories.

This makes no did you use an rpm of egcs to build
binutils from source?  That doesn't really make any sense.  Could you
please indicate what exact files you are using and where you got them
from?  If you are applying patches, please mention those as well.

> Second, I installed the linux kernel source code for mips by using 
> linux-2.2.14-000715.tar.gz and configured it and enabled 
> CONFIG_CROSSCOMPILE.  Made soft links: let  mips-linux/include/asm 
> pointd to linux-2.2.14-000715/include/asm-mips and
> mips-linux/include/linux pointd to linux-2.2.14-000715/include/linux.

This is not needed to build either gcc or the kernel.

> Third, unziped the egcs-1.1.2.tar.gz, added the patch 
> egcs-mips-linux-1.1.2-2.i386.rpm and configured it as following:
>      ./configure --prefix=3D/home/sliu --with-newlib --target=mips-linux
> and made it this way:
>      make SUBDIRS=3D"libiberty texinfo gcc" ALL_TARGET_MODULES=3D =

What are you doing with both an rpm and a source tarball?  An RPM is
surely not a patch.  Also, it is traditional to build gcc outside the
source directory; it's possible that that is a source of trouble.  The
random "3D" in your output there is either another source of trouble
or an artifact of your mailer; in either case it should be fixed.

If you are having trouble building a cross-toolchain, you might
consider getting make-cross from - it takes
most of the hard parts out of it.  There's also a source toolchain
there that seems to work fairly well; it compiles glibc, for example,
which no version of egcs 1.1.2 I have seen will.  Of course, if you
want to use different versions you can do that as well.

Keith M Wesolowski <>
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