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troubles with Indy

Subject: troubles with Indy
From: Crossfire <>
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 13:02:08 +1100
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Hi All.

I've just acquired a R4600 Indy which I've proceed to attempt to seed
a debian installation on.

I've crosscompiled a linux-2.4.1 kernel from CVS [after a little code
patching] to find that the kernel boots fine, and can do most things,
except run tar, and a few other binaries from the debian image.

If I use the linux-2.4.1-test2 kernel from test, I can run tar, but it
can't read filesystems correctly, and the init process fails.  Also,
other operations become extremely unreliable.

Is there a 'known working' kernel image floating about somewhere? or
are things generally at this silghtly flaky point?

Or is something else completely different to blame?


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