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Re: Does linux support for microprocessor without MMU?

To: Crossfire <>
Subject: Re: Does linux support for microprocessor without MMU?
From: Joe deBlaquiere <>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 22:15:53 -0600
Cc: kjlin <>,
Organization: Red Hat, Inc.
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Crossfire wrote:

kjlin was once rumoured to have said:


I got an embedded MIPS board recently.
It has the following features:
- CPU implements a five-stage pipeline with performance similar to the MIPS 
R3000 pipeline.
- MIPS32 compatible instruction set
- R4000 style privileged resource architecture.
- Without MMU.

I am estimating the possibility of porting linux on it.
Can Linux/MIPS 2.2 or 2.4 support for such a board which without MMU ?
Because i consider it is the most difficult part in the porting process.
Am i right?

the Standard Linux kernels all require an MMU.  However, there is a
version of the kernel known as "ucLinux" (Microcontroller Linux) which
will run on CPUs without MMU.

I don't know if ucLinux has a MIPS target yet.


There isn't (yet) support for MIPS on uClinux.



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