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sync plea

Subject: sync plea
From: Jim Freeman <>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 06:07:11 -0700
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I have a farm of MIPS, PPC, and IA32 machines that I need to
keep running from a common current source tree.

The recent mips update into 2.4.2pre2 (thankyouthankyouthankyou...)
has helped in this task, but the diff between any 2.4.2pre[n>=2] or
2.4.1-ac[n>=9] tree vs the MIPS cvs tree is still huge, and painful
to cull through to wind up with a sane mips patch (should be fairly
small since the update into 2.4.2pre2) against a 2.4.*{pre*|-ac*} tree.

A sync of mips cvs to any 2.4.1{pre*|-ac*} kernel post 2.4.2pre2
would be of great use, but I don't know how much pain that entails
for the maintainers.

In lieu of that, can anyone clue me in to newbie tricks (CVS or
otherwise) for syncing 2 trees less painfully than culling diffs?


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