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strace sysmips support (was: Re: [FIX] sysmips(MIPS_ATMIC_SET, ...) ret_

Subject: strace sysmips support (was: Re: [FIX] sysmips(MIPS_ATMIC_SET, ...) ret_from_sys_call vs. o32_ret_from_sys_call)
From: Wichert Akkerman <>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 14:11:30 +0100
In-reply-to: <>; from on Thu, Jan 25, 2001 at 04:55:31PM +0100
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Previously Florian Lohoff wrote:
> From the strace i find
> sysmips(0x7d1, 0x2ac95d24, 0x1, 0)      = 4149

FWIW, I've just put code in strace CVS to decode this properly. Looking
in my (stock Linus) kerneltree I noticed the sys_sysmips code assumes
it can get away with converting an int to a char*, which seems like a
wrong assumption to me..

I don't have my indy up and running at the moment, so the code is
completely untested. Feedback is welcomed :)


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