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To: <>
Subject: OSLoadOptions
From: "Erik Aderstedt" <>
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 10:46:51 +0100
Organization: Solid State Electronics Laboratory

I'm using kernel 2.4.0-test3 from the SimpleLinux dist on an
Indy w/ R4400SC, booting using DHCP on an x86 RedHat 6.1
box. Right now the boot is completely unattended, I just turn on the Indy
and a few seconds later I'm at the single user bash prompt. To get further
than this, I would like to pass command line options to the kernel at boot,
and have tried setting the OSLoadOptions PROM variable.

The problem is that the kernel seems to be passed the string
'OSLoadOptions=<my kernel boot options>', instead of just the
boot options. At least that is what is indicated by the line

Kernel command line: OSLoadOptions=init=/sbin/simpleinit

during boot. At the end of this mail is a clunky patch that fixes this, but
I'm not sure if this is the right way to go about it.


Patch to linux/arch/mips/arc/cmdline.c of 2.4.0

<       int actr, i;
>       int actr, i, offset;
>           offset = (!strncmp(prom_argv[actr], "OSLoadOptions=",14)?14:0;
<               strcpy(cp, prom_argv[actr]);
<               cp += strlen(prom_argv[actr]);
>               strcpy(cp, prom_argv[actr] + offset);
>               cp += strlen(prom_argv[actr] + offset);

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