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Re: floating point on Nevada cpu

To: Steve Johnson <>
Subject: Re: floating point on Nevada cpu
From: Pete Popov <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 10:02:10 -0800
Cc: "" <>
Organization: Monta Vista Software
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Steve Johnson wrote:
> Pete,
>     We had a problem in user-space apps all showing 0 for floating-point
> results because we hadn't set the ST0_FR bit to 0, and we had a mis-match
> between user libraries (MIPS3k-compatible) and the floating point registers.
> We noticed the problem when we couldn't run "ps" or "rm" correctly and tracked
> it down from some old postings by Ralf and friends.  Maybe this is your
> problem, too?
>     I added this to our setup call:
>     set_cp0_status(ST0_FR, 0);

Problem solved before I finished my first cup of coffee. Thanks!

I bet this problem will show up here and there depending on how the boot
code sets cp0.  Seems like adding the above line in a mips generic init
routine would be a good thing.


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