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Fwd: pthread in glibc 2.2.1

Subject: Fwd: pthread in glibc 2.2.1
From: "James McD" <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 00:07:32
From what I have seen the gdb bombs out on 90% of pthread programs as
well. This includes all platforms as far as I am aware. There is a fix
posted on bugzilla stating you need to recompile the gdb from the cvs tree and that should fix. However I have had mixed luck.
Hope that helps somewhat!


James McDermott

even the simplest pthread-program dies with a bus error(see attachment)
on my I2.  glibc is 2.2.1(same for 2.1.97), kernel is 2.4.0-test9.
Interesting enough I can't even get a core dump. Any starting points to
track this down?
 -- Guido

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