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Re: Debian Base for MIPS Available

To: David Keen <>
Subject: Re: Debian Base for MIPS Available
From: Ian Chilton <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 18:09:14 +0000
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> Mr. Chilton,

Call me Ian!   (or GadgetMan if you use IRC and come to #mipslinux !)

> Is this tarball a good starting point for me to net boot to my indy?

I have not tried that base yet and I won't be able to before the
weekend. My I2 is 60 miles away and I have a remote session, but am
compiling my own new Indy is in the same place but turned

But yes, it should be OK..

There is also ICLinux v1, but this uses older are probably
better using the new base...

I am working on ICLinux v2 now..

Problem is, the port is still in a very developent stage, so there is
little documentation, and you have to be prepared to do a little
hacking around to get things working..

You should have a look round the documents and links at and you could also have a look at the
install guide for IClinux v1 at:

again, this is out of date and needs updating.

Don't know if you are familiar with network booting, but it is
mentioned in there...also notes on booting an Indy/I2 in the I2-HOWTO
which is on the Documentation page on

The other problem is finding a working kernel. At the moment, the CVS
tree is is being worked on..

I have a working but old kernel for the Indy/I2 which will get you
going, and you can update later:

(there is also a non-gzip'd version at the same place without the .gz)

Hope this helps a bit...

Bye for Now,


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