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Re: broken RM7000 in CVS

Subject: Re: broken RM7000 in CVS
From: Jun Sun <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 14:23:16 -0800
References: <>
Justin Carlson wrote:
> I still would rather stick to the switch style of doing things in the future,
> though, because it's a bit more flexible; if you've got companies that fix
> errata without stepping PrID revisions or some such, then the table's going to
> have some strange special cases that don't quite fit.

Ahh, in that case I suppose the mips_cpu_config function pointer in that entry
should not be NULL.  Instead it should modify the mips_cpu struct to fix
whatever quirks there.  Because this function is associated with a particular
CPU, this solution is probably cleaner than having all the quirk fixes
embedded inside a case block.

> Luckily, in the end, you have to convince saner people than me.  :)

Or I should wake up from hallucination.  :-)


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