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R4X00 Kernel

Subject: R4X00 Kernel
From: Ian Chilton <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 21:13:41 +0000
Reply-to: Ian Chilton <>
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I just compiled a kernel with my new toolchain...

I it using gcc 2.95.2 + binutils 2.10.1 and the kernel from today's cvs
(10/01/01) which is just after Ralf checked in test12...

08:58PM <quintela> Exception: <vector=Normal>
08:58PM <quintela> Status register:
08:58PM <quintela> Cause register: 0x3000c000<CE=3,IP8,IP7,EXC=INT>
08:58PM <quintela> Exception PC: 0x8814c7b4
08:58PM <quintela> Interrupt exception
08:58PM <quintela> CPU Parity Error Interrupt
08:58PM <quintela> Local I/O interrupt register 2: 0xc8
08:58PM <quintela> CPU parity error register: 0x302<B1,MEM_PAR>
08:59PM <quintela> CPU parity error: address: 0xa572f88
08:59PM <quintela>   Saved user regs in hex (&gpda 0xa8740e48, &_regs
08:59PM <quintela>   arg: 8a572fc0 0 2530044 881d8000
08:59PM  penguin42/#mipslinux has sore fingers
08:59PM <Spock> Opening an Indy is easy
08:59PM <quintela>   tmp: 4 8ad30040 1000 0 0 881b591f fffffff6
08:59PM <quintela>   sve: 8ad31 88800000 881bb280 8ad31 1 2530044 20 1
08:59PM <quintela>   t8 88009dd5 t9 a at 10044800 v0 88800000 v1 0 k1
08:59PM <quintela>   gp 88008000 fp 1f sp 88009e70 ra 881921ec
08:59PM <quintela>
08:59PM <quintela> PANIC: Unexpected exception
08:59PM <quintela>
08:59PM <quintela> [Press reset or ENTER to restart.]

This is on an I2..

Any ideas?


Bye for Now,


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