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To: Ralf Baechle <>
Subject: Re: your mail
From: Joe deBlaquiere <>
Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2001 11:46:28 -0600
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Ralf Baechle wrote:

On Thu, Jan 04, 2001 at 10:40:41AM -0600, Joe deBlaquiere wrote:

If you're really only doing 32-bit mips you might consider removing the
64 bit targets in the config.bfd... I think that will solve the problems.

Doesn't really solve the problem.  For example on an Origin we have a 32-bit
userland but 64-bit kernel addresses which confuses ksymops and procps.


It was meant as a workaround...

Perhaps we could have an option to objcopy that would allow you to copy the addresses without sign extension?


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