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Re: Run the cross-compiled program.

To: kjlin <>,
Subject: Re: Run the cross-compiled program.
From: Nicu Popovici <>
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 17:54:55 -0500
References: <053601c06a6c$ee66ca60$056aaac0@kjlin>

I am very interested in getting the latest sources for binutils, gcc and
glibc working in cross toolchain for mips. PLease tell me from where did
you took the gcc that you use . Please give me as muche details as you


kjlin wrote:

> Can anyone point out which step i done wrong in the process of
> cross-compiling an program with the -static option?
> I made the cross-compile toolkit by myself.
> All the source code and patches for cross-compile were downloaded from
> the SGI ftp site.
> The version is as following:
> cross-binutils = version 2.10.90
> cross-gcc = version 2.96 20000707
> cross-usable glibc = libc-2.1.90
> The cross-compile toolkits building process is ok!
> I used the cross-compiler to compile a program with the " -static "
> option in the host and then ran it on the target.
> But i got the error message:# ./a.outFATAL: kernel too old
> Aborted Where i be trapped?
> My host system is x86 running linux-2.2.14(Redhat 6.2).
> My target system is an embedded mips board running linux-2.2.14 and
> shell is the statically linked ash binary from a lib-2.6.0
> filesystem(kernel version unknown).
> By the way, i builded the cross-usable glibc-2.1.90 with configure
> "--enable-kernel=2.2.14".Thanx,KJ from

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