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Run the cross-compiled program.

To: <>
Subject: Run the cross-compiled program.
From: "kjlin" <>
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 18:09:25 +0800
Can anyone point out which step i done wrong in the process of cross-compiling an program with the -static option?
I made the cross-compile toolkit by myself.
All the source code and patches for cross-compile were downloaded from the SGI ftp site.
The version is as following:
cross-binutils = version 2.10.90
cross-gcc = version 2.96 20000707
cross-usable glibc = libc-2.1.90
The cross-compile toolkits building process is ok!
I used the cross-compiler to compile a program with the " -static " option in the host and then ran it on the target.
But i got the error message:
# ./a.out
FATAL: kernel too old
Where i be trapped?
My host system is x86 running linux-2.2.14(Redhat 6.2).
My target system is an embedded mips board running linux-2.2.14 and shell is the statically linked ash binary from a lib-2.6.0 filesystem(kernel version unknown).
By the way, i builded the cross-usable glibc-2.1.90 with configure "--enable-kernel=2.2.14".
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