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1.0.3 = larger apps

To: SGI news group <>
Subject: 1.0.3 = larger apps
From: Brady Brown <>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 11:03:41 -0700
Organization: Texas Instruments
I am starting to cross-compile a bunch of the userland apps using the
1.0.3a-2 and binutils 2.8.1-1. I have noticed that each app has grown
about 10% (after stripping) over the original Hardhat distribution of
the app at the same rev. Since we are in a size constrained environment
I am trying to get the apps as small as possible. Is this growth normal?
Are there particular command line switches (or other tricks) during the
build which will produce smaller apps?
Brady Brown (       Work:(801)619-6103
Texas Instruments: Broadband Access Group

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