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MIPS_ATOMIC_SET in sys_sysmips()

Subject: MIPS_ATOMIC_SET in sys_sysmips()
From: Jun Sun <>
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 18:03:43 -0800
It looks like sometime after test5 the MIPS_ATOMIC_SET case in sys_sysmips()
function in the CVS tree is changed.  The new code now uses ll/sc instructions
and handles syscall trace, etc.. 

This change does not make sense to me.  The userland typically uses
MIPS_ATOMIC_SET when ll/sc instructions are not available.  But the new code
itself uses ll/sc, which pretty much forfeit the purpose.  Or do I miss
something else?

What do we offer to machines without ll/sc?

BTW, what is the wrong with previous code?  I understand it may be broken in
SMP case, but I think that is fixable.  Comments?


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