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Linux/MIPS on quad-R4400 Challenge L

To: "''" <>
Subject: Linux/MIPS on quad-R4400 Challenge L
From: Pete Black <>
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 11:16:31 +1300
Hi there,

I happen to have acquired a quad-R4400 SGI Challenge-L server.

It's big, it's black, and it seems to run OK.

Is there any support in Linux/MIPS for a beast like this?

Its currently running IRIX 6.5.9 quite happily, but i'd much rather run
Linux, since then i have a standard OS across all my machines, and no hefty
SGI taxes to pay.

>From what i read on the FAQs, the Multi-processor versions of the R4400 are
not supported.. will there ever be a time when Linux/MIPS will run on a
machin elike this, or am i stuck with IRIX for the rest of this machine's



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