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To: Nicu Popovici <>
Subject: Re: YAMON.
From: Brady Brown <>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 10:07:21 -0700
Organization: Texas Instruments
References: <>
Nicu Popovici wrote:

> Hello ,
> Does anyone know how can I do to start a Linux on a mips board ( ATLAS )
> without using YAMON. I just want to turn on the mips and to boot in
> Linux . Is that possible ?
> Regards,
> Nicu

It is possible. Look in Atlas Users Manual Sec 5.2 . Dip switch S1-1
controls booting from either Monitor Flash or System Flash. If you boot
from System Flash then the monitor is effectively removed. You would of
course have to have your own boot-up code, PCI enumerator, hardware init,
kernel loader, kernel image, etc.  in the System Flash all hooked to the
reset vector for this to work.

Brady Brown (       Work:(801)619-6103
Texas Instruments: Broadband Access Group

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