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Re: X on ATLAS.

To: Nicu Popovici <>
Subject: Re: X on ATLAS.
From: Dan Aizenstros <>
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2000 11:31:28 -0500
Organization: V3 Semiconductor
References: <>

I have X running on a V3 Hurricane board which has a
QED RM5231 CPU and is operating in little endian mode.
I use ATI Rage IIC (PCI) video boards.  I am using the
XFree86 version 3.3.2 and the FBDev server.

What is your specific problem or question?

Dan Aizenstros
Software Engineer
V3 Semiconductor Corp.

Nicu Popovici wrote:
> Hello ,
> Does anyone know  something about running X on a mips machine ( ATLAS
> board + QEV processor ) ? Please try to give me a clue .
> Regards,
> Nicu

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