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RE: I'm stuck...

To: "'Klaus Naumann'" <>
Subject: RE: I'm stuck...
From: Calvine Chew <>
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 09:20:15 +0800
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> Subject: RE: I'm stuck...
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> Calvine, what I'm asking myself is, if the box actually has connection
> to the net. Becuase if you don't get a single packet out on bootp time
> then something really is broken. So please try to check in any way if
> the box has netconn - does it have an AUI ? Some SGI systems seem
> to use that as first ethernet adapter and have problems with it ...
Well, the good news is I've finally gotten my Indy to see my boot server.
When testing outgoing packets by configuring both server and client to the
SGI network, I discovered that my 2nd PCMCIA port, for some reason doesn't
configure any PCMCIA cards properly (same thing happened to my SCSI card,
I thought it was an isolated incident). Switching to the 1st port made 
everything work.

Unfortunately tftp isn't working. I have it configured using in.tftpd 
wrapped to tcpd, but when the Indy tries to get the bootfile, it says
"TFTP error: File not found (code 1)". The boopd does respond with the
seemingly correct messages but I am not sure if in.tftpd is working
or not. I have bootpd running on standalone (non-inetd) mode because
in.bootpd didn't work too. However I don't have tftpd. *groan*

Have to look into that later...

PS, Scott, I'm not using DHCP, but bootpd. Do I still need to configure
dhcp too? I assume that subnet entry excerpt is from dhcpd.conf?

Calvine Chew, Technical Consultant
Technology & Industry Consulting Group (Asia South), SGI.
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